How do I use the V-Restore Suppositories?

With clean hands insert the suppository into the applicator. Lay down with legs bent and hips up or squat (whichever is most comfortable to you) and insert the applicator as far as you can into the vagina and release the suppository. Suppository will dissolve on its own. Be sure to wear a panty liner.

When is the best time to use the V-Restore Suppositories?

V-Restore suppositories can be used day or night, but night-time is definitely better as there is less movement.

What is the main ingredient in the V-Restore Suppositories?

Boric Acid

What is Boric Acid?

An anti-fungal kill all, natural mineral which is derived from the naturally occurring mineral boron.

How does Boric Acid help cure vaginal issues?

Vaginal issues such as BV and Yeast occur when the vagina’s pH rises above 4.5. The vagina contains good bacteria which work to stop the growth of unwanted bacteria. However, when the pH level of the vagina is disrupted, it results in an overgrowth of bad bacteria which leads to issues such as BV and Yeast. Boric Acid has antibacterial properties which help fight off bad bacteria and balances the natural flora of the vagina.

Wouldn’t antibiotics get rid of my issues?

Yes, antibiotics have been used for a long time now and are quite effective in the treatment of vaginal issues. However, antibiotics not only kill bad bacteria, but they kill the good bacteria too. This can cause yeast, weaken your immune system and leave you prone to more infections.

I have chronic BV or yeast. Can these suppositories help?

Yes, to treat stubborn issues and restore normal pH and healthy bacteria, insert 1 capsule into the vagina twice daily for two weeks initially. After two weeks reduce to 1 capsule daily for two weeks every month.

Is Boric Acid toxic?

Yes, if ingested in high doses it ca be toxic and even fatal. If swallowed please call the National Poison Line at (800) 222-1222.

Why would I use Boric Acid in my vagina if it is so toxic?

It is only toxic if ingested because it goes directly into the bloodstream. When used the correct way (vaginally) it is quite safe. The thick, vaginal walls prevent the boric acid from getting into the bloodstream. When inserted vaginally less than .07 percent of the Boric Acid is absorbed.

Can I use the suppositories while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can I have intercourse while using the suppositories?

No, do not engage in sexual activity while using the suppositories.

Can I use if I have a wound in or around the vagina?

No, do not use.

Can I use the suppositories everyday?

No, they are only used to treat a BV, Yeast Infection, or to freshen or tighten the vagina after sex or menstruation. You can maintain a healthy pH by using 2-4 times per week for 3-4 months and then reducing to 1-2 times per week thereafter.

Do I open the capsule before insertion?

No, insert the capsule as is.

Why is my discharge thin and watery?Boric Acid is also used to treat vaginal dryness. The use of these suppositories can increase your natural vaginal moisture.