What is the Secret Grip Vaginal Tightening Wand?

It is an all-natural wand that is formulated to increase the strength and tightness of the vagina. The wand is safe and beneficial for the yoni as it helps reduce bacterial growth and unpleasant odors that may result from infections.

How long do the effects last?

Normally the effects would last 3-5 days but every woman is different so results can vary. This depends on age, height, weight, health and the strength of the vaginal walls.
Consistent use of the wand can cause prolonged results.

Why do I feel dry after usage?

This is a rare side effect, but if it does occur you may use yoni oil, or coconut oil to lubricate.

Can I use a condom with the Secret Grip Vaginal Tightening Wand?

Yes, the wand is safe for condom use.

How long should I keep the Wand?

If the wand remains packaged, it is safe to keep for 2 years. Once opened, it will last for 3 months.

How often can I use the Secret Grip Vaginal Tightening Wand?

As often as you like but we do suggest not to exceed 2 to 3 uses per week. Do not use every day, that could result in dryness and muscle exhaustion.

Why do little white stuff form on the wand after I use it?

This is the natural result of the detoxification process. Many of the the ingredients in the wand promote detoxification and cleanliness so please don't be alarmed if this happens. Always clean the wand after each use.

Is there anything I should know before using? Any precautions I should take?

Yes, don't use the stick for longer than 30 seconds, only use vaginally, use every 2-3 days

How do I know if I am allergic to the wand?

The vagina is a highly sensitive area so although the Secret Grip wand is made of all-natural ingredients, if you believe you may be allergic please do a patch test first. Test the product on a patch of skin first and wait several minutes to see if any reaction occurs.

What if I do not get enough tightness after using for the first 30 seconds?

You can insert the wand for a second time for a little longer. Please do not use the wand for more than 5 minutes at one time. Be sure to move the stick around in all directions to stimulate the vaginal muscles from every angle.

Can I have oral sex after using the wand?

Yes, but please clean the vagina after use. Even though the wand is all-natural it can put off scents or tastes that may be unpleasant to your partner.

Can I use the wand if I have an IUD inserted?

Yes, you may but only if you have had the IUD in for more than 3 months. Also, if you have had any health complications from your IUD we do not suggest usage of the wand.

Can I use the wand during pregnancy?
No, we do not suggest using the wand during pregnancy.

Can I use the wand right after my menstruation period?

The vagina tends to be extra sensitive during and after menstruation so we suggest waiting at least 5 days after your period before using the wand.