What is a yoni pearl?

A small, circular ball that is comprised of special herbs which are held together by a sterile mesh. Although smaller, It is similar to a tampon as it has a long string and is meant to be inserted into the yoni. It is intended to stay in the yoni for 24-48 hours to all sufficient time for the herbs to detoxify the womb.

How do I use the pearls?

Wash hands thoroughly and insert one pearl as far into the vagina as you can. Leave pearl in for 24 hours (1 day). Remove and discard. Insert the second, unused, pearl. Let the second pearl remain for 48 hours (2 days). Wear a panty liner during the process.


Is there anything I should know before using the pearls?

Yes, do not use the yoni pearls if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Menstruating
  • Have an intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Within three (3) days after the last day of your menstruation
  • Blisters, sores, or wounds in the vagina
  • Are a virgin

Should I remove the mesh lining to get a stronger detox?

No, do not remove the mesh. Leave the pearl intact.

What can I expect while using the yoni pearls?

Every woman is different so do not expect to experience the same things as someone else. Women have experienced a wide range of things including:

  1. Mild Cramping – Women with fibroids and cysts tend to feel cramping when the toxins are being extracted.
  2. Foul Odor – This is another sign that toxins are being expelled. The smell disappears when the process is over.
  3. Itchiness – This can be mild or extreme. Itchiness tends to occur when the toxins reach the front of the vaginal opening. This area is very sensitive.
  4. Spotting – The pearls increases blood flow. The bleeding will subside in a few days.
  5. Clearer Skin – Our pearls are made with very strong herbs. They are absorbed into your entire body so there can be benefits for other areas of the body as well, not just the vaginal/womb area.
  6. Discharge – This is toxin being expelled. Do not be alarmed.
  7. Dryness
  8. Frequent Urination – Your body is detoxing. Let it flow!

I’m experiencing some itching or burning, what should I do?

This a sure sign that toxins are leaving the body. If it is too uncomfortable for you do the following:

  1. Remove the pearl and dispose of it.
  2. Cleanse your yoni with warm water.
  3. Rub 100% organic coconut oil on the outside of your yoni.
  4. Continue with this process until the itching or burning ceases.
  5. Proceed with inserting the next pearl if there are any.

What if I lose the string but the pearl is still inside my yoni?

Do not panic. Relax and breathe. This will get resolved.

  1. Get a mirror.
  2. Remove clothing from the waist down.
  3. Squat over the mirror.
  4. Push down repeatedly until the pearl comes out or gets low enough for you to take it out. This may take some time so please be patient.

How frequently can I use the yoni pearls?

If it is your first time using the pearls, you can detox up to twice within the month. Once you have done this then reduce the frequency to once every 2-4 months. We recommend that you do not exceed more than four (4) detoxifications per year. That’s no more than eight (8) pearls per year. Space your treatments out as evenly as possible.

How many pearls are considered a full cleanse?

A full cleanse is two (2) pearls.

Can I use more than one pearl at a time?

No, only one (1) pearl should be used at a time.

How many cleanses should I do for a yeast infection?

We do not offer any suggestions on the number of cleanses needed to cure an ailment because every woman is different. However, we do suggest you order two full cleanses (4 pearls total) for your very first detox.

How long should I wait to do the second cleanse?

We suggest that you wait until the following month to do the second cleanse. If your first experience was severe (excess odor, discharge, or itchiness) then you may use another cleanse upon the 7th day following your first cleanse. If your monthly cycle is scheduled to start within 10 days or less, then wait until three (3) days after the completion of your cycle to start another cleanse.

Can I use the pearls during my menstrual cycle?

No, please do not. You can use three days following your cycle, or at least ten (10) days before the cycle begins. If your menstrual cycle begins while the pearl is in simply remove it and discard. You can resume three (3) days after you cycle has ended.

Can I use the pearls if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, the pearls are filled with natural herbs, but they are very potent and are easily absorbed throughout the body. We are unsure what effects they may have on your developing baby or if your baby digests them when breastfeeding, so we ask that you refrain from using them during pregnancy or if breastfeeding. We would not want your baby to be harmed in any way.

How soon can I use the pearls after giving birth, or having miscarriage or abortion?

Do not use the pearls until your doctor clears you to resume normal activities. If you are breastfeeding, please refrain from using the pearls until you are completely done with breastfeeding.

Can I engage in intercourse while the pearl is in?

No, you can return to sexual activity two days after your complete cleanse (2 pearls). You can masturbate, but please refrain from inserting anything into the vagina.

Can I use the pearls if I have an IUD?

No, you should not use the pearls with an IUD inserted. You should wait until your IUD is removed. There is a possibility that the herbal medicine can cause an IUD to dislodge. If you do decide to use the pearls it will be at your own risk.

Can I drink alcohol while using the pearls?

Yes, however, we highly recommend that you focus on your detox process and drink as much water as possible.

Can I get a yeast infection from using the pearls?

Yes, there is a possibility that the pearls can disrupt your PH balance and develop a yeast infection. Don’t be alarmed, the herbs are already in your system and you should see results after the infection has cleared. We recommend the use of our boric acid suppositories or a yeast infection remedy of your choice to clear up the infection.

Can I use the detox pearls and steam at the same time?

No, you cannot do both simultaneously. Please choose one. Just note that the pearls are a deeper cleanse than the steam. If you choose to do the pearls first wait at least five days to do the steam. If you choose to do the steam first wait at least two days to start detoxing with the pearls.

Can I remove the pearl and then put it back in?

No, please do not. Once you remove the pearl please dispose of it.

Is there anything I can do to help my detox process?

Yes, drink lots of water, preferably with lemon and relax. You are detoxing yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Enjoy the process.

Can I use the Yoni Pearls if I have had a hysterectomy?

Yes, you can use them.

Will the pearls get rid of my STD?

No, our Yoni Pearls do not cure STDs.

Which one should I do? The Yoni Pearls or the Yoni Steam?

That decision should be based on what you are looking for. The Yoni Pearls are a deep detox and may result in the purging of actual toxins from the vagina. The Yoni Steam on other hand is a milder detox which can be done more frequently. It is still very much effective in cleansing and healing.

Is it normal to spot while using the Pearls?

Yes, the herbs promote blood flow so it is possible to see some spotting. Spotting doesn’t usually last longer than a few days.


 If you have any additional questions, concerns or comments please send us an email at info@desirablesecrets.com