Collapsible Sterilizer for Empress Menstrual Cup


The perfect solution for sanitizing, storing, and transporting your Empress Menstrual Cup.

Made of soft, food grade silicone, this container contains no harmful BPAs or plastics. It is lightweight and folds flat to easily fit in your purse or bag, making it the perfect travel mate during your monthly cycle.

Available in two colors; pink and purple.


    • A discreet way to sanitize your Empress menstrual cup
    • Reusable and microwave safe
    • Allows for cleaning on the go. Just put water inside, add your cup, cover, and shake before re-insertion.
    • Collapses to fit easily in your purse or place of choice.
    • Made of silicone and comes with a lid, making it great for travel and storage.

    Always ensure your sterilizer is completely dried prior to storing.


    • Pop open and place your Empress Menstrual Cup inside
    • Fill with water below the hard edge and place inside of a bowl in case the water boils over
    • Place inside of the microwave, cover, and heat for 2-3 minutes
    • Carefully remove (as items can be hot) and throw the water out
    • You can let the cup sit in the sterilizer to air dry or hand dry your items prior to storage
    • You can also pour boiling water inside of the sterilizer and let the menstrual cup sit inside for 10-15 minutes, or overnight if you prefer not to use the microwave

    Customer Reviews

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    Dee E.

    Works well. I feel better using this because I feel the fear gives my menstrual cup a much better clean than just washing.

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