Desirable Secrets

Colorful Yoni Soap


Our colorful yoni soaps are 100% Hand-made, natural and pH balanced and they work with your body’s chemistry to prevent bad bacteria and irritation in your most delicate area. These herbal, vaginal cleansers clean and nourishes the skin, treats yeast and bacteria, removes odor, promotes proper hormone function, reduces inflammation and itching, and balances vaginal pH levels for a healthy yoni. Also aids in vaginal moisture and tightening.

Available in seven different types:

Blue Enchantress (Blue)

Aloe (White, Blue & Green)

Strawberry (Light Pink & Dark Pink)

Rose (Light Pink with herbal topping)

Tea Tree (Green)

Peach (Pink) 

Main Ingredients:

Plant Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E


Suitable for use on the body, intimate areas, and for all skin types.

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