Desirable Secrets

Detox Facial Cleanser


More than just an ordinary face wash, this all natural detox face wash includes skin soothing anti-aging ingredients like aloe, lavender, coconut oil, and green tea to supercharge your cleansing experience leaving you with clean, clear, radiant skin.

100% Natural, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Hypoallergenic


  • Wet face with warm water
  • Massage in gentle, small circles
  • Rinse with warm water
  • Gently pat dry with clean towel

Main Ingredients
Green Tea, Orange Peel, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Aloe Leaf Extract, Activated Coconut Charcoal, Lavender Essential Oil, Propolis Extract, Cucumber Extract, Organic Reishi, Citric Acid

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