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Fibroid Cleanse Tea


Our all-natural fibroid tea is formulated with natural herbs to cleanse the female’s body.


  • Cleanses and nourishes the female reproductive system by removing toxins and wastes and reducing inflammation.
  • Naturally shrinks and dissolves uterine and ovarian cysts and fibroids.
  • Helps maintain a normal, regular menstrual cycle.
  • Aids in cleansing, and nourishing the female reproductive system.
  • Helps your body in returning to its natural healthy state. 

Main Ingredients

Mullein leaf, vitex berry, ginger root, Ashoka Bark, Dong quai root, Stevia Leaf, Goldenseal Leaf, Black Cohosh root, Cramp Bark root


  • Place 1 tea bag in a cup.
  • Pour hot water over tea and allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes.
  • Honey and/or lemon can be added for extra flavor. Can drink hot or cold.
  • For best results, drink twice pr day.

Not suitable for children or pregnant women.

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