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Himalayan Rose Salt Soap


Our Himalayan Salt Soap is an all-natural exfoliator, toner, detoxifier, deodorizer, and moisturizer in one soap!

Regular use of natural Himalayan salt products can help with many conditions including:

  • Dry & Oily Skin
  • Acne
  • Eczema & Psoriasis
  • Viral, bacterial & fungal skin infections
  • Dermatitis
  • Insect Bites
  • Body Odor
  • Balancing the skin’s pH
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Sinus & Allergies
  • Soreness & Muscle Cramps
  • Sleep Improvement

With a light musk of sea breezes and sea grass, this soap smells amazing. Its rich, creamy lather makes it easy to rub on, yet still get all the benefits from its exfoliating properties for your entire body, especially the feet. This soap is great as a deodorant too. Just washing with it works, but if you want double protection use the damp bar to rub under your arms after drying off.

Why should I use salt on my skin?

Great exfoliation properties – salt physically sloughs off dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling super soft and smooth.

It Plumps – What’s that? Well, salt laden foods tend to make us feel bloated and puffy. Salt has the opposite affect on the skin. It plumps the skin leaving a youthful refresh.

Deep Cleanses – Salt absorbs dirt and toxins and has natural antibacterial properties. It truly deep cleanses leaving your skin with a refined and purified feel.

Long lasting hydration – The minerals in salt maintains the skin’s natural barrier which can support hydration and keep out irritants.

Soothing Properties – Surprisingly, salt actually soothes sensitive and upset skin. It is perfect for soothing irritations such as sunburns and is able to g beneath the skin to relive sore muscles.

Note: Do not rub the soap directly onto the face. The exfoliating properties of the soap may scrape the skin. Always use your hands or a washcloth to lather the soap before applying to the skin.


Lithospermum soaked in EV Olive Oil, Shea Buter, Evening Primerose Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Himalayan Rose Salt, Rose Essential Oil, Rose Hydrosol, Coconut Milk, Purified Water, Sea Alkali.

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