Desirable Secrets

Wet Desires


If your desired secret is to have more wetter, more pleasurable intimate moments, then this is the aphrodisiac for you. Wet Desires is the magic secret in a bottle that you have been missing. It replicates a woman’s natural secretions and its slippery consistency is capable of taking you both to heights of passion that will have you desiring more. It’s all natural, clear, fragrance-free, and tasteless. The perfect combination to be your desired secret and a natural feel you both will love. 

Who should use Wet Desires?

  • Those struggling with dryness
  • Those who desire to make sex more comfortable
  • Those looking to heighten their sex life
  • Those looking for a natural lubricant with the perfect consistency


  • Vaginal Sex
  • Anal Sex
  • Masturbation
  • Sex Toy Use

 Key Features

  • Natural Ingredients
  • pH Balanced
  • Enhances Sexual Pleasure
  • Sensitive Skin Friendly
  • Non-Sticky, but extra slippery
  • Edible, but tasteless
  • Condom Friendly
  • Very Light, fresh scent
  • Long Lasting
  • Safe to use during pregnancy or when trying to conceive


Clean the area, then, using the dropper, insert the desired amount into the vagina or anus right before intercourse. You can also apply it externally to the vagina, anal area, or even on your partner if your prefer not to insert it. Wet Desires is also great for lubrication prior to masturbation or sex toy use.

Wash the dropper well after each use and remember, a little goes a long way.

Main Ingredients

Distilled Water, Gorontula Extracts

Bottle Size: 0.5oz


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

We are VERY happy :)

Lizzie S.

I have never been so wet and slippery in my life. We loved it! That little bottle is the truth!

Sabrina H.

This is the truth. I have suffered from vaginal dryness for so long due to medication I take. I tried other lubes but this is different. I was wet and he loved the feel. I wish the bottle never ended.


Best lube ever. Best sex ever.

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