Rose "Love" Quartz Yoni Eggs


Rose “Love” Quartz Yoni Eggs

Looking to strengthen those love muscles? Kegel exercises help, but kegel exercises along with our yoni eggs work even better because they add weight to help strengthen your muscles and create a more loving, intimate connection with yourself and your sexuality.

Rose quartz is known as the stone of love and happy relationships and has a powerful energy that emits a strong vibration of love, femininity, sensuality, joy, and healing making the rose quartz a great stone to improve libido and a better relationship in the bedroom. This is one of the most important stones for heart chakra work as it opens the heart to unconditional love – love of family and friends, love of self, and romantic love.

Benefits of use with Kegel Exercises

  • Rose Quartz Promotes Love
  • Tones & Tightens the Vagina
  • Tones & Tightens the Vagina after childbirth
  • Aids in birth training
  • Stronger, flexible pelvic walls
  • Increase clitoral erections & orgasms
  • Prevents sagging of the uterus, bladder and rectum

By using the yoni eggs just 10 minutes per day your yoni will gradually start to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor; creating more sensation, arousal, and lubrication.

Our yoni eggs are 100% natural and pure. Your purchase will get you:

1 Small Egg

1 Medium Egg

1 Large Egg

3 Egg Strings

1 Pink, Velvet Storage Bag


Do not use if you:

  • If you have an IUD inserted. The kegel egg and/or string can interfere with the IUD and possibly cause it to dislodge.
  • Had pelvic surgery in the last three (3) months.
  • If you have wounds, sores, or blister in the vagina.
  • If you have inflammation or an infection.
  • Recently gave birth – wait for clearance from your doctor first (usually 6 weeks).
  • If you are pregnant unless you were doing kegel exercises prior to becoming pregnant.

Our yoni eggs are all natural so colors and patterns tend to vary.

Results are not guaranteed, they can vary from person to person.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. 

• Before insertion into the vagina, please clean your eggs. This can be done with lukewarm water and a natural soap like our Feminine Wash which will not disrupt your pH. Do not use hot water as it can damage your rose quartz crystal.
• Let your eggs soak for approximately five (5) minutes, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and allow them to air dry. Once dried you can begin use of your eggs or store them for future use.
• When ready to use lay on our back with your legs bent and hips slightly up and insert your egg into your vagina. Ensure that the string hangs out of the vagina for easy removal.
• Lay with your yoni inserted for 5-10 minutes.
• Contract your pelvic floor muscles by doing kegel exercises (squeeze the egg with your vaginal muscles). Hold each squeeze for 10-30 seconds then release. Repeat this 5-10 times.
• You can move around with your yoni eggs in if you wish to do your kegel exercises while simultaneously doing other things. Just do not leave the yoni egg in for more than one (1) hour at a time.
• To remove, gently pull on the string and remove the egg slowly.
• Please clean your eggs as instructed above before storing.

Please note that these are only usage suggestions. You know your body better than anyone so if you feel you should start with a different size then do that sis. If you feel you should keep it in longer than 10 minutes then do that. Nothing prohibits you from doing so.

The only rule here is that you enjoy the process.

Customer Reviews

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Claude Hamel
Exactly what I was hoping for

It was delivered very quickly and is everything I hoped for.
Desirable Secrets, you did very well!


Came just like the picture. They are gorgeous. I can't wait to try them.

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